COVID-19 accelerates digitization and automation, which will bring more changes and uncertainties to the organization and work scenarios. The types of skills needed will also change in the future. McKinsey proposed that by 2030, about 220 million people in China will need to change jobs, accounting for one-third of the total number of jobs that need to be changed in the world, of which the demand for employees to master advanced technology accounts for 51%. On average, for every Chinese worker, about 87 working hours a year can be replaced by automation and need to be redeployed. Therefore, for enterprises, the need to speed up employees' learning new skills and prepare for new jobs that may be needed in the future has become more urgent. Talent development practitioners need to effectively help employees upgrade their skills and reshape their skills to cope with the changing working environment and job requirements.

The future of enterprises is inseparable from digital transformation. According to the Research Report of《2021 Accenture China enterprise digital transformation index》, only 16% of China's enterprises have achieved significant results in digital transformation, and the revenue growth of these leading enterprises is 3.7 times that of other enterprises. This gives other enterprises a great sense of urgency.

In the age of digital transformation, if an enterprise wants to be invincible, the talent development department needs to have an insight into the current and future business form of the enterprise while doing a good job. It also requires senior leaders and talent development practitioners to think together about whether relying on the existing practice of talent development can truly empower enterprises and businesses and prepare for the future. Only by aligning the talent development strategy with the business strategy can the talent development department bring maximum value to the organization.

From a global perspective, the 2019 ATD report《future of work》pointed out that only 24% of the surveyed enterprises already have a certain workforce to deal with the mode of future work. 69% of enterprises are carrying out or preparing to carry out training programs for internal employees to a certain extent. Among these enterprises deploying in the future, 43% said they would focus on technology skill upgrading and skill remodeling



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